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How to Find a Translator or Interpreter for Your Project

All Members and Friends of the Japanese Network of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (J-Net) have identified themselves as professional translators and interpreters working between Japanese and English (or other languages).Translators and interpreters who have been examined and accredited by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) are listed as Qualified Members (MITI) or Fellows (FITI).Specialist subjects or other skills or services are those claimed by the Member or Friend themselves, and have not necessarily been examined by the ITI.Inclusion on this site does not in any way constitute a recommendation or endorsement by J-Net or ITI, and J-Net disclaims all responsibility for any work undertaken through contacts made on this site.

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*Translator or Interpreter?

A translator converts written text or words from one language to another. An interpreter orally converts spoken words from one language to another, or between one language and another.

**ITI Membership Categories

Please see the Institute of Translation and Interpreting for full definitions of their membership categories.

  • FITI = Fellow of ITI
  • MITI = Qualified Member of ITI
  • AITI = Associate of ITI
  • Career Affiliate
  • Graduate Affiliate
  • Student
  • Academic
  • Supporter

    Looking for a translator or interpreter who offers a language combination other than Japanese/English? See the other language combinations page.