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Are you a translator or interpreter working with Japanese and English?
Whether you’re already established or just starting out in the profession, join us!

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J-Net offers:

  • A lively forum for Japanese/English translators and interpreters, both online and in person
  • Members mailing list for enquiries and sharing information
  • Job opportunities and invitations to share large projects
  • Informal networking for new relationships and broader perspectives
  • Workshops for continuing professional development (held in the UK)
  • Opportunity to be mentored by experienced translators in your chosen specialisation
  • The network Bulletin, a valuable source of information covering all sorts of issues relating to the work of Japanese/English translators and interpreters, particularly those working in the UK
  • All this for only £30 per year! (Membership fee for 2020, subject to change)

To join, just fill out the membership form. Once we’ve received your details, we’ll contact you with instructions on how to pay the subscription fee and invite you to join the mailing list on Yahoo Groups. You can also list your details in our directory of members, which will allow people looking for translators and interpreters to find you.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to open answers)

Must I be a member of the ITI to join J-Net?

No, non-members of ITI can join as Friends of J-Net. About half of our members are in this category. Friends have access to our mailing list and are listed in our directory of members.

I'm looking for translation/interpreting work. Should I join J-Net?

Offers of work are posted to the members list, but nothing is guaranteed and this shouldn’t be the reason you join. J-Net is first and foremost a group of people with a professional interest in translation and interpreting between Japanese and English, not a translation company/agency.